Shelley is a fully qualified and accredited member of the Society of Sports Therapists and has been practicing in a variety of capacities since graduating from the University of Hertfordshire in 2005. During her studies, Shelley gained experience whilst studying with professional sports teams; Coventry Football Club, Saracens Rugby Football Club and the London Marathon.

In 2005, she also started working at Arsenal Ladies Football Club with their Centre of Excellence, before progressing up to the Ladies first team. She gained valuable experience in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic sports injuries, first aid procedures, injury prevention programmes and the demands of traveling with a team.

Shelley now runs a private clinic from home in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire where she prides herself on adopting a joint by joint, hands-on approach. She understands that patients adapt their movement patterns to guard against pain from injury which can cause further issues inevitably causing pain in the long term, becoming a vicious cycle. Shelley uses an in-depth assessment to locate the cause of the complaint and then with a combination of specialist hands-on soft tissue release and lengthening techniques can help the patient to break the pain cycle.

Prescribing bespoke exercise programmes to meet each of the client’s individual needs is at the core of Shelley’s work. She believes that by using a programme of simple exercises designed to stimulate correct muscle firing patterns, the client can create pain-free movement, build on strength and get back to living their everyday lives with better understanding and knowledge of their body’s.

Shelley believes that educating the client and preventing the injury from happening in the first place is the most important aspect of her work. She regularly sees clients who do not necessarily have an acute injury, but who also believe that prevention is better than cure.

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